Fake or real?

Today we were learning about images that were real or photoshopped. But we had to be observant when we see other images. We have to use our brains to see if the images are real or fake. This photo really tricked me because I couldn’t tell if It was real or phtoshopped. The reason why it tricked me was because I couldn’t tell about the legs or if it’s connected together. It was a lot of fun because I got to experience if something is real or photoshopped.

Our visit to the stone cottage

Yesterday on a beautiful sunny day my classmates and I walked across the road to the Panmure stone cottage. We were welcomed by Terry and Patrick.Patrick was the historian of the stone cottage. Before we went inside they told us we are not allowed to touch anything in the stone cottage and look with only our eyes because they’re all fragile.


The first thing that caught my attention were the stilts. Stilts are wooden poles with a foot support for a person to stand on and walk. I have never walked on stilts before but I think they must be hard to balance on. One day I might try.


When we went to explore upstairs Patrick told us that there were clothes that were donated by people from the past. 



There were trousers and pantaloons and bloomers.The ladies in the olden days used to knit their own clothes and did house chores  from dawn to dusk. Their work was very difficult but they didn’t give up for their family.


In the kitchen Terry showed us what a bellow was for. A bellow was used to make the fire go. There was this special cup that men use for their mustache so they don’t get wet when they drink tea. In the kitchen there were also these sticks that men use to walk and whenever their legs hurt there is a switch when they hold the stick and they can just sit on it.


The one thing that surprised me was the sewing machine that they make for their clothes. The only way to make it work is to use their feet.


The Stone Cottage was very interesting to visit and all I can say is I am pleased we have electricity in our house.


My holiday.

In the holidays I had a really bad fever and my body was so sore. My dad had to stay home and skip work to look after me and I felt bad for him. After 5 days I was a bit better so my nana and sister and I went for a walk. We saw about 11 dogs around the streets and some of them were stray dogs. Once even a dog was following us, so my nana scared it away.

After that we had our house inspection,so my mom and dad went to the shops and got the cleaning supplies.My mom got vinegar and baking soda to create something to make the toilet smell nice.My dad got the spray bottle to spray the toilets.But then the biggest new happened.Our house inspection was cancelled.I got so mad because our house is a two story house I had to help clean upstairs and downstairs.And at least now I got over it because our house is clean.when our house inspection was cancelled we decided to go clear  our minds and eat some luau,which is a Samoan dish,and that’s the end of my holiday.

Our Matariki stars.

Last week in Room 6, we started learning about Matariki Stars. The Maori people in  New Zealand celebrated  Matariki on 14 July 2023 as  their New  Year. It was a National holiday because it was a special  day. My family and I went to the Matariki Festival in Glen Innes. It was packed with people. We walked around and took photos of the Maori stars.

The  Maori people celebrate Matariki by spending time together as a family, welcoming each other and  singing songs.  They cook delicious  food and share stories  and also pray for their dead family members.  Some maori people gather in a marae and very early in the morning, they come out  to  look  for the matariki stars high  up in the sky.

In our class,  we made matariki stars using coloured wool.  They look cool especially when Mrs. Agnew taped them on ribbons and put them on display on the wall.

Characterisation of Hideaway Tom

I am a gentle, nice, good, male. I am a single man. I hide away from people and I hate to be seen in a crowd. In other words. I love to be home alone. I like looking at the beautiful and of course dangerous storms that batter the beach and bring up lots of treasure. I really just adore being alone in nature. My life may look bad but it’s fantastic.
I am………………………… Hideaway Tom.


What does your digital footprint say about you?

Today we learnt about how to write honest, Integrity,and Respectful words. about people. We need to make an informed guess about what other people like from what they comment about online. I chose Leonidas who is a person at PT England school.I cannot wait until next time where we will make another comment on someone’s blog.

Our ki o rahi tournament

Yesterday we played in our first ki o rahi tournament with coach Trey as our ref. I am in Rimu house which is blue. I brought my PE gear from home and I was excited to start playing. All the children from Rooms 6, 7 and 8 were playing at least one game each.

I played against Rata and Kauri We won against Rata but unfortunately we lost against Kauri in the last round. We had the best day ever and I hope we can do a tournament every term with a different sport.