Preparing for athletics day.

It’s our first time this year that we did have a session with Coach Bart to prepare us for Athletics Day. At first I thought it was so easy until karma got back at me.  It was hard!  We did running,  jumping,  and we had to also run on our toes, high and low.

At first we also played a game called sheepdog. You have to make sure you don’t get tagged from the noodle. It was a little easy to play but it was alright because I got very tired. And we also did a  race and we went really fast. The coach said “on your mark, get set, go.”

Our athletics day is going to be on the eighteen of November so he is going to teach us more skills but harder to make us way more tired. The only thing that coach wants us to do is listen because if we don’t we will spoil it for the others.

Now the next game was the jumping one. It was really easy for me and my friend Eldrich, Tuakalau, Patrick, and Wycliffe because we had to jump over the foam pigs but we had to stand quite far away. from them

So  it was a fun day today. Coach Bart was not that bad and he did teach us how to listen and run fast, high and low and also how to play sheepdog. He helped us learn how to jump properIy and I felt impressed about my day.

Making our class movie

On the first day of making my potato person for our class movie, I decided to make a ‘bad’ superhero. My potato was medium sized and looked scary before I even started but I chose it because it was interesting. To make him I used purple material to make a cape for around his shoulders. I gave him one eye and used two ice cream sticks to give him antennae sticking out of his head. To make him stand I used four other sticks which I had to keep changing around until he stood by himself. I also pricked him all over with a tooth pick to make him look scarier.

Ms Toland shared with us one day about the four important people who make movies. They bare the director, camera man, scene manager and the editor. When we were making our stop motion movie, I liked being the director the best.

When we got started on our movie we had to make backgrounds for behind the potatoes. It adds atmosphere and tell us where it is taking place. I was in the “inside kingdom” where we painted a wall red and put a picture of the queen and some corgis on the wall.

We also did some voice overs and I did it with my friend Pio. He was telling the story and I was doing the monster’s voice. It sounds scary but I think the low monster voice should be used because it sounds  the scariest. Pio edited it because the camera person made some mistakes but it was alright in the end. I can’t wait to see our movie and the movies of the other classes on the big screen, next term.


Swimming Lessons

Last term we went swimming lessons which were so much fun. We had to bring a head cap, togs, goggles and towels. We had to go on the bus to go to the CLM pools. On the bus Mr Bell’s class was singing on the bus so loudly. I was so happy when we got to the pools. Our instructor told us to get in the pool and her name was Mrs Parley. She was very kind and very good.

We learned how to float on our stomach and then swim to the platform which was like a trampoline. We also learned how to float on our backs and we also used the board. The instructor told me I was a professional. I had so much fun I wish I could do swimming lessons again.

Animation Blog – Playing soccer

We have been making animations on our chromebooks in google slides.

I really enjoyed this because we have added to our stories each week and now they are really good..

My story is about the soccer player scoring goals.

Ki o rahi

Ki o rahi

Last Thursday we were watching a video about the game called ki o rahi. It is a Maori game but we did not play it because it was raining. Our coach’s name is Chelsea and the only games we played were only tagging games. We played infinity tag, bull rush and they were kinda hard for me but it was all right. The games were so much fun that I really loved it. The games were really creative because I have never played these games before and I learned how to play new games. I really hope we can play it again but especially to learn Ki o rahi.

How to make a tree hut

Last term I made my tree hut and I really liked it. I used cardboard to make my walls and floor and then I cut a wall to make a door and then I glued the polystyrene to make the shape of my human friends. I used plastic Glad Wrap for my windows and I used the toilet rolls to hold my tree hut off the ground. Then I made the roof glued with a glue gun and then I waited a little bit and then it was dry and all stuck. 

After that I used ice block sticks to make my ladder so I can climb up into the tree hut and I also put some toilet rolls in there for furniture. I really enjoyed painting my hut in the end. 

Then after that we tested  our tree huts.  We had to put the huts in front of  the fan to make sure it couldn’t fall over in the wind. 

The second test is kinda the same thing but it was to put 4 scissors inside to see if it was strong enough to take some weight. Then the last test was the water test where you have to make sure the water won’t go in your tree hut  but I failed that one but at least I completed two of the tests. 

I really really enjoyed it and it was fun. I had a great time doing my tree hut and I love my tree hut so so much because I did it by myself. I’m proud of my hut because it was different to the other huts and it looked like a triangle and a tent.

About me

Talofa, my name is Nixcent and I am 8 years old. I am in Year 4 at St Patrick’s School and I am in Room 6. I live with my family in Panmure and I am the youngest. My culture is Samoan and we speak to each other in Samoan sometimes. I really really like eating Samoan food.

I am great at soccer and reading books about animals. My challenge is writing. I really really wish I was good at it. At school my goal is to be able to edit my writing so that is makes sense. 

I am inspired by my mom because she makes the best food and I am grateful to her. When it is sleep time my mom always reminds me to do my prayer and that is why I am inspired by my mom.