Making our class movie

On the first day of making my potato person for our class movie, I decided to make a ‘bad’ superhero. My potato was medium sized and looked scary before I even started but I chose it because it was interesting. To make him I used purple material to make a cape for around his shoulders. I gave him one eye and used two ice cream sticks to give him antennae sticking out of his head. To make him stand I used four other sticks which I had to keep changing around until he stood by himself. I also pricked him all over with a tooth pick to make him look scarier.

Ms Toland shared with us one day about the four important people who make movies. They bare the director, camera man, scene manager and the editor. When we were making our stop motion movie, I liked being the director the best.

When we got started on our movie we had to make backgrounds for behind the potatoes. It adds atmosphere and tell us where it is taking place. I was in the “inside kingdom” where we painted a wall red and put a picture of the queen and some corgis on the wall.

We also did some voice overs and I did it with my friend Pio. He was telling the story and I was doing the monster’s voice. It sounds scary but I think the low monster voice should be used because it sounds  the scariest. Pio edited it because the camera person made some mistakes but it was alright in the end. I can’t wait to see our movie and the movies of the other classes on the big screen, next term.


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